Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nepal Denies Arrest of Ajmal Kasab By Indian Agents

Lahore: The Nepalese Government has denied Ajmal Kasab’s arrest by Indian agents from Nepal.

The Nepal Interior Ministry denied the claim that the sole surviving gunman involved in the Mumbai terror attacks, Ajmal Kasab, was arrested from Nepal, Geo TV reported.

Earlier, a Pakistani lawyer SM Farooq had claimed that Kasab had been arrested from Nepal and shifted to India, and that an application had also been moved in the Nepali Supreme Court for his release.

Farooq said Ajmal was the real name of the person who was in the custody of Indian security agencies, which had suffixed the epithet `Kasab’ (butcher) to his name.

Also, the head of an NGO `Voice’ for the Human and Prisoner’s Rights, the lawyer said some of the relatives of Ajmal contacted him in middle June 2007 and apprised him of Ajmal’s disappearance in Nepal, The News reported.

He said he prepared the case till February 2008, following which he moved to Nepal.

“I filed a habeas corpus in the Nepal Supreme Court. The Chief Justice of Nepal heard the petition and admitted it for proper hearing.”

He said he had made Nepal’s Home Department, Defence Department, Nepal Government and Indian agencies a party in the case.

He said he had contacted Nepal police, its Home Department, United Nation’s Human Rights Wing in Nepal as well as all human rights activists, NGOs, embassies of different countries and apprised them about the kidnap of a Pakistani national by Indian agencies.

Farooq said the Nepal government told him that he was making pointless efforts to know the real facts as to Ajmal and the other missing persons and their whereabouts.

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